What is the function of air conditioner capacitor? How to choose and buy air conditioner capacitors?

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In daily life, air conditioning is one of the necessary household appliances for people. Especially in summer and winter, air conditioning is used very frequently, and people are increasingly relying on it. What is the function of air conditioner capacitor and how to purchase it? What is the function of air conditioner capacitor?

The air conditioner capacitor is a device that can start the motor. If the motor does not rotate after being powered on, it means the capacitor is broken. Once the capacitor is damaged, the air conditioner will not work properly. Therefore, the capacitor is a very important device for the air conditioner. The method to check whether the capacitor is damaged can be measured with the ohm scale of the pointer multimeter. If the pointer deflection is relatively large, it means that the capacitor has been damaged and needs to be replaced in time.

How to choose and buy air conditioner capacitors?

1. When purchasing capacitors, first observe the appearance of the capacitors to see if there is deformation, cracking and oil leakage. If so, do not buy them. There must be a quality problem. In addition, pay attention to whether it is the same specification and model as the one to be replaced. You can't buy a specification and model to replace it, which will damage the air conditioner.

2. Secondly, when you buy a capacitor, you also need to look at its capacity (the allowable deviation of the capacity of the air conditioner capacitor is ± 5%). The capacity of the capacitor will generally decline slowly with the longer service time or the change of the environment. If the capacity of the capacitor declines to 20%, it will make it difficult for the air conditioner to start.

3. When purchasing air conditioner capacitors, try to buy some well-known brands. After all, the quality of big brands is more guaranteed and the use of air conditioners is better.

4. One more thing to note when buying capacitors is that many people think that small stores are much cheaper than regular physical stores, so they go directly to small stores to buy capacitors. In fact, this is not a wise choice. Although the products in small stores are cheap, they have no quality assurance. Besides, air conditioners are very important household appliances. Don't be greedy for small bargains.

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